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PRODUCER-PR is a different kind of marketing agency. We're not here to sell you ads; we want to help your business grow. Here's how we do it:


We Assess Your Business

Our Marketing Battle Plan is the first step. We'll do a complete survey of your business and your brand presence across all platforms, identify key strengths and growth areas, and provide our top recommendations for your success in growing your business.

Business Video Call

We'll Set Goals Together

Sign up for Coaching+  to complete your Battle Plan; we'll help you set targets, check your progress, and deal with challenges as they inevitably come up; including by doing it ourselves, if that's what you want.

Film Student

We'll Help Meet Your Goals

Projects will come up that you may not feel equipped to do on your own. We can help! If we can't handle it in house, we'll find someone who can. (And if you're a bootstraps-DIY-er, we'll support you in that too. Really!)

What's in

An assessment of your brand presence across all relevant platforms

Our top three recommendations for marketing your brand, with instructions and ideas on how to make each one happen

A detailed customer journey so you understand how your marketing will lead to sales and how to track your performance

No matter your business size, we want to help you hit your goals. Whether you want us neck-deep in your marketing or just helping you from the sidelines, coaching will ensure that we stay on track with your goals, using real data to inform how we grow and adapt.

Our Standard Package includes one personal session and every group session each month.

Why coaching+ ?

So Who actually Does My Marketing?

Whomever you want.

From video to websites, paid ads to social media content - Producer-PR does it it ALL. Members get our best pricing.

If our in-house services don't suit your needs, we'll help you find someone who does. Not just a list of recommendations- we will track them down for you!

Some things you may prefer to do yourself. That doesn't mean we can't help! We're always standing by to provide you technical or moral support.

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